Charli 1.1 Has Landed…

And we are excited about where Charli is heading!

It’s been a little over three weeks since Charli 1.1 landed. #ICYMI, this was a big product release for us and I’m proud of how hard our team worked to make it come together!

The latest version of Charli adds on a suite of exciting new features and capabilities, two of which are standing out as fan favorites:

Charli’s Content Canvas

Designed to make sharing your content easier and more interactive, Charli’s new Content Canvas is a customizable digital canvas that you can use to display and share your documents, images and links. The canvas brings together all of your important digital “stuff” grouped by related key words, hashtags and notes.

When is the Content Canvas useful? Well, let’s say you’re going through a home renovation (like I still am)...

  • As you come across ideas online, send the links to Charli using hashtags and notes that make sense to you, like #homerenovation and #designideas and #doorsamples.

  • When you receive emails from designers with drawings and concepts, forward them to Charli with relevant notes and hashtags.

  • As you’re walking through stores, snap pics of things you like, such as tiles, flooring, or decor, and send them to Charli through your mobile app.

  • When you’re ready to sit down and review everything, simply ask Charli to find your content related to #homerenovation, and Chali will display your links, docs, and pics on a beautiful canvas, which you can then share with your spouse, friends, or general contractor with the click of a button.

The response so far? The content canvas has been a game-changer! The feedback we’re receiving is exciting to see.

For the small business owner…

“I love being able to see all of my content including links in one place. I organize my tags by SKUs so I can share information with my suppliers easily. It’s so convenient being able to share with my team or vendors directly from the canvas without the back and forth between my email, browser, Google Drive, etc.”

Charli can also do double duty as a tool for personal organization…

“Using Charli’s content canvas is so much fun. I'm using it to simplify tracking recipes and plan meals for my busy family of 6. My favourite recipes are tagged #easy #onepot #familyfavorite #30minutes #healthy #ketofriendly. I love that using tags allow me to create content canvasses for any ingredient or theme and share it with friends.”

What are we building next to improve the canvas? 

  1. Sharing the canvas directly with other Charli users 

  2. Sharing the canvas externally to non-Charli users 

  3. Advanced filtering and find options on the canvas

  4. Canvas customization for paid Charli subscribers 

Our brand new Web Clipper (CHROME EXTENSION)

It’s the best way to bookmark your favorite links. We built Charli’s Web Clipper Chrome Extension to help people declutter their digital spaces. Rather than dump important websites or interesting articles in the “Other Bookmarks” folder, the Web Clipper tool lets you simply send links to Charli and never have to worry about losing them again.

When is the Web Clipper useful? Let’s go back again to our home renovation example... 

When you’re renovating your home -- or even simply your bathroom or kitchen -- you’ll probably look at dozens (if not hundreds) of websites, blog posts, Pinterest boards, and image searches over the course of the project. As you come across links you love, you have a choice:

  1. Keep 36 browser tabs open on your desktop so you don’t forget about them 👎

  2. Clutter up your bookmarks with long URLS that have no context 👎

  3. Send them to Charli with hashtags (like #homerenoinspo #kitchensilove or #bathroommoodboard) and let Charli organize them for you 👍

The response so far? People are loving it! Here’s what we’ve heard...

“awesome” “amazing” are just some of the things we’ve heard from our users about our brand new Web Clipper Chrome Extension. People are enjoying the idea of organizing links just like any other content in Charli with #tags and notes.

What are we building next to improve the Charli Web Clipper? 

  1. Clip more than links. Save highlighted text, screenshots, and more

  2. Get a list of your most recent and top links 

User feedback is driving everything we do, and if you have suggestions for what you’d like to see in the Charli Content Canvas or the Chrome Web Clipper; let us know right here. I read through the requests and work closely with the product team on our priorities. 

Our new Content Canvas and Web Clipper (along with the other new features) have made Charli even more useful for people who want to bring their content under control...because, in today’s world of connectivity and cloud, content is scattered everywhere. Charli 1.1 reaffirms our mission to help make it easier than ever to organize content--of all types and from anywhere--all in one place.

Since I’m trying to “build in public” more in 2021 (follow me on Twitter if you haven’t already), I did a personalized tour for you, my newsletter subscribers. You get to see this before anyone else!