Is digital content chaos bogging down your business?

Give Charli’s *new* unified workspace a whirl.

If you haven’t heard from me for a while, it’s because we’ve been busy prepping for today...the release of an all-new Charli and its new unified workspace for digital content and cloud apps. (Read the official press release here).

This is a big moment for Charli!

First I’d like to give a HUGE pat on the back to our team who has worked so hard to bring this version to life. We saw (firsthand) a problem – that content chaos just keeps getting worse for teams, especially those who work remotely or within a hybrid model – and we brought our solution to life. This was no small feat and involved many hours of smart work and big thinking.

So, what exactly is new with Charli and how did we get here? Let’s dive in...

Content chaos is running rampant amongst distributed workforces

If you work as part of a team, you’re probably acutely aware of the challenges of content management. With more and more content being created, managed, and searched for every day (like documents, files, links, reports, databases, and so on), it’s a nightmare just thinking about how to wrangle it all.

Professionals spend waaaay too much time trying to hunt down the documents and information they need just to get their day-to-day work done.  They then have to package it all nicely and securely share it with team members, management, clients, and suppliers.

It’s not a new problem, but it’s a growing one. And, it’s a problem that hasn’t been adequately solved. In fact, current content management solutions on the market are very “backend”. There’s little out there to make management easier for the people who rely on it. And, there are even fewer options that offer seamless solutions for teams.

Content chaos is a very real problem, and it’s getting even worse with the introduction of new tools and platforms. Add remote and hybrid workers to the mix and it’s a jumbled mess of information everywhere. In fact, many of the professionals I speak with telling me that the challenge of tracking and managing documents is keeping them up at night.

Charli new unified workspace offers a better way

These challenges make up the driving force behind Charli. Our all-new unified workspace puts user experience first. It’s designed for professionals who create content, professionals who share content, and professionals who consume content. Each of these personas was considered when we were developing Charli.

At the core of Charli has always been – and still remains – sophisticated AI. You cannot “do” content management well without advanced AI. Our AI is not a bolt-on. It’s truly embedded AI, productized from beginning to end; and that knows how to handle the content. In the new Charli, content takes center stage.

What does the new Charli mean?

The changes we’ve rolled out are exciting. Our users will be able to do more both individually and as a team. Here are some of my favorite new features:

  1. Actionable content. 

Content is rarely created by one person and filed away for life. Especially a distributed team setting, there are actions associated with most pieces of content. Some content needs to be reviewed, other content needs to be approved. Some content needs a to-read or BF reminder, while other content needs to be shared. Supported by process AI, Charli helps you easily take action on content.

  1. Automated content summaries.

Charli can now do content summaries, thanks to GPT-3. This is a feature I’m really thrilled about. Let’s say you have a long report, but no time to read it. Charli can understand the content and create a TL;DR summary for you. You can also easily share the summary with others on your team.

  1. So much more than simply a universal find.

Charli focused on the find function early, and we’ve mastered it. But content management isn’t just about searching for information across different cloud apps. It’s also about categorizing, organizing, sharing, and archiving content. This is where Charli shines and it’s how we’re differentiated from other solutions.

  1. Collaboration station.

Our earlier version of Charli laid the groundwork for sharing. Now, Charli is tackling collaboration. This means not only can you share documents easily, you can also add notes and tasks to content. You can ask Charli to provide you with a report at the end of each week to see all of the content you managed, as well as the tasks associated with it. Charli makes it easy by marking off what you’ve done and reminding you about what you haven’t.

We’re taking our product to the next level and making it a truly powerful content management tool for individuals and teams alike. I’m excited to see it solve real-world productivity problems.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped Charli achieve this milestone and stay tuned for many more exciting announcements to come.

Want to give the new Charli a try? Head to our website at to sign up.