New Year, New Charli

Our latest product release makes staying organized easier than ever

January is a time when many of us reflect on the year just gone and look ahead to what’s to come. And while it’s tempting to leave 2020 firmly in the rearview mirror, here at Charli we have lots to celebrate from the past year—and a new product update to help you make 2021 your most organized year yet. 

Back in October, we launched our public beta. Since then, our team has been listening to your feedback and working hard to make managing content easy and delightful for everyone. We’re excited to share the next iteration of Charli with you and to continue helping you free up time for the stuff that matters most. 

Struggling with clutter?

Clutter is a ubiquitous part of our lives. And nowhere is more prone to clutter than the virtual workspace where content multiplies. We stash ideas in our notes app, add action items to a task list, and have documents spread across our local drives, cloud apps, and invoices. 

It’s no wonder that we spend 19% of our time on average looking for information and another 14% chasing down colleagues for content as well. All this external clutter creates internal clutter and increases our cognitive load, making it harder for us to focus and perform. 

The fact is, most of us are highly prone to distraction. In our 2021 State of Productivity Report, we found that 3 in 10 professionals get only 30 minutes of focused work time per day. And more than 3 in 5 professionals were working on 3-5 tasks simultaneously. 

You’re probably familiar with the strain of trying to keep up and the hectic feeling of multitasking your way through the day. But how can we best address the root cause of distractions and multitasking? The struggle to organize information is real

It’s time for a new approach

The distracted multitasking model of work is doing no one any favors. It leaves individuals at risk of burnout and unable to do the work they love. And it harms businesses, where success or failure hinges on being able to manage and act upon the information that lives within all these dispersed sources of content. 

As a business grows and as work becomes increasingly digital, our communication methods become even more diverse. Our survey found that modern professionals use a wide range of tools including personal and work emails, text messaging, phones, Facebook messaging, WhatsApp, Zoom, and more to stay connected through the workday. As our communication spreads across multiple platforms and devices, it becomes more difficult, time-consuming, and ultimately costly to manage.

At Charli, we know that small business owners set up shop to pursue a passion, whether it’s running a fast-paced e-commerce storefront, a growing digital marketing agency, or a busy consulting practice. What we’re pretty sure that no one dreams of is spending over 60% of their time on admin just to make the business run. 

That’s the reason we created Charli—to free up your time and get you back to your passion.

Charli’s new features give you even more time back 

Charli lets you get smarter about how you organize content and instantly frees up your time and cognitive space so that you can focus on what matters most. 

And tomorrow, with the release of Charli 1.1, we’re launching, even more, features to save you time and clear your clutter. These key features include: 

  • Get Charli to organize more than just files. Now, organize ideas, notes, invoices, and expenses in one place.

  • Use our new Chrome extension to keep track of links so that you never lose critical information.

  • Organize existing files in Google Drive, clean up your messy folders, and uncategorized content so you can find stuff faster.

  • Easily share content with your team, clients, and customers.

  • Get reminders for important deadlines like invoice dates, contracts, SLAs, or just when you need a nudge to do something.

Version 1.1 of Charli also includes powerful advanced functions accessible via our next-gen command line, allowing you to create entire workflows with just a few commands. 

When you need help organizing and managing all of your content in one place, rely on Charli. Our simple yet powerful approach to content management means you can send stuff to Charli from anywhere. And, our AI understands, categorizes, and tags content to then store it in your cloud storage* with rich, searchable metadata so you never lose another minute looking for what you need. 

What’s up next

Version 1.1 of Charli is just the beginning—we’re continuing the hard work to make Charli your true chief of stuff. Here’s our vision for the future

  • Use Charli to organize everything. Connect Charli across the cloud drives and tools you use regularly for greater integration. We’re rapidly expanding the apps that Charli works with including adding One Drive, Dropbox, and Slack very soon.

  • Find everything fast. No matter where content is stored, whether it’s your inbox, cloud storage, web, or social media, just ask Charli to find what you need. 

  • Share and collaborate smarter. Make sharing content easy and interactive with the Charli Content Canvas—a completely customizable canvas to display your documents, images, and links. Share with your internal and external collaborators and stakeholders and get everyone on the same page so you can work smarter, together.

  • Do more with automation and shortcuts: Automated quick actions accessible through powerful commands and an easy to use UI. Over time, Charli learns about you, your content, and how you work to suggest actions to continue streamlining your workflows.

Stay tuned for more on the release tomorrow.

*Charli works with Google Drive today. New cloud storage integrations are coming very soon. See our public product portal to upvote your preferred storage and move it up our priority list.