Say hello to Charli for teams

Introducing two new paid plans: Charli Pro and Charli Grow

Collaboration is the name of the game today. There are very few scenarios where we work in isolation. Yet, individual productivity is still easier to manage than team productivity.

Work has changed, our tools should too. 

At Charli, we’re changing that, we’ve designed a hub for modern teams who want to move fast.

We’re entering a new era of work, one that is more focused on the stuff that matters and less on the minutiae of admin work that plagues productive teams. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be rolling out some exciting features that help teams, departments and companies organize and share their content. 

Our goal? To enable people to work together and with their business content, seamlessly. With these new features, Charli will become a hub where everyone can find, share and manage the “stuff” that powers teamwork.

If you work in a team, here are some features to keep your eye on:

  • Content Canvas - This feature is already live and ready to be used. Charli’s Content Canvas is unlike organizing information in folders because it allows users to bring together disparate forms of content -- from docs to links to images -- and display them on one beautiful, shareable canvas. This is helpful for teams because it keeps all content related to a specific project or client in one place.

  • In-app Sharing - Coming soon, this feature will allow users to share content with others directly from within the Charli app. That means no more clicking between windows, tracking links, or searching for shared docs again. It’s quick and easy, and it allows the receiving party to do what they want with the content.

  • Integration with the tools you already use - Is your team addicted to Slack? Heavily invested in Google Chat? Loving the Shift life? Soon you’ll be able to integrate with the apps you know and love so that while you’re working, you can send info directly to Charli in-app and enable better find capabilities across platforms.

With Charli for teams, it’s time to say goodbye to static, siloed content, and hello to smart knowledge management!

Stay tuned for more details about these exciting new updates, coming very very soon.

Hint: check the Charli blog tomorrow for the announcement